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Abu Simbel Wellness Center is a private peer-to-peer non-medical retreat center that provides education on ancient wellness techniques that benefit participants today. To promote health and wealth. To inspire, transform and uplift personal and spiritual growth. Located amid the southern part of the Island of Ambergris. 

         DEC 2022


Explore our wellness programs for adults only are centered and geared on ancient Kemetic methods of healing to reduce or eliminate depression, anxiety, stress, lack of motivation etc, and or to just increase positive thinking and lifestyle. While some of these conditions are physical, others relate to emotional pain that came from family, friends, schoolmates, from early childhood traumas. We reach our goal of training adults on these historic methods by working with proven experts in Kemetic yoga, meditation, positive thinking, naturopathic meal-planning, and ancient herbal healings. Abu Simbel purposefully has healing sessions in locales near a body of water or within nature like near mountains or forest that invoke harmony for the human spirit. 

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