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 Ayahuasca Hypnotherapy can aid clients with Shamanic Journeying by unlocking the doors of mind and giving the equivalent impact of the
rainforest Plant Medicine Teacher Ayahuasca. Under deep hypnosis you can shamanicly travel to the other worlds with precision and vision, cleansing and
purifying your soul (without the purging, dizziness and diarrhoea) in the process. Many people see dreamlike visions, geometric figures/shapes, manifestations of
deceased ancestors, guides, other species in other worlds, Gods, Demons and planets, some also have strong feelings of flying through space, euphoria and fear.
Sometimes strong feeling of death arise and extreme panic but its important to trust that the soul only shows what is needed to cleanse the individual. All clients
although shaken by their experience are left with a most wonderful sense of peace. -Kali Fraser

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